Who is Your Pool Maintenance Customer?

Who is Your Pool Maintenance Customer?

pool maintenanceSwimming pools are found all over the San Antonio region. Because of the pleasant weather throughout the year, it’s possible to have a pool open nearly year-round. Each body of water should have a professional caring for it nearly every week of the year. As expert service personnel, it’s important to know your pool maintenance customers and what their needs involve.





City Resource Centers

A common pool customer includes city properties, such as recreation centers. Pool chemicals at these facilities need to be managed with as much precision as possible. You might see service personnel at a busy pool once or twice a week. Many of the visits are solely for verification purposes, but they often culminate in some adjustments. City properties may contract with a specific company so that the services are always available and consistent throughout the year. Pool visitors will always have a clean and comfortable experience when maintenance is taken seriously by the customer and servicing personnel.

Local Gyms

Pool maintenance customers also extend to local gyms. Memberships to these facilities are normally enhanced when they have pools and spas as part of their amenities. If any area closes temporarily because of improper levels of pool chemicals, the property’s reputation may suffer. It’s the pool expert’s job to test and alter the water as necessary. Accidents in the water can also be an issue at these facilities. Cleaning the area so that it can return back to operation is the main goal of any gym. These customers need constant support from your local maintenance company.

Pool Maintenance in the Hospitality Sectorpool chemicals

One of the most obvious customers in the pool industry is hotels. The hospitality sector thrives with a pool as one of their amenities at the property. In some cases, visitors might skip a property altogether if a pool is closed or not part of the property’s landscape. Pool experts visit these properties on a constant basis in order to administer safe levels of pool chemicals. Your pool might have a green hue one morning so professionals move in with some algae treatments. As hotel guests start their day, a blue pool will draw their attention as the warm weather sets in.

Residential Customers

Your customers also extend to residential properties where pool chemicals and basic maintenance are crucial. A pool’s investment loses value if you don’t care for it on a regular basis. Water will corrode the lining, tiles and associated components without expert care. These customers can be lifelong types when you provide a high standard of service. Scheduling weekly or monthly visits with the residential customer is part of the bonding that’s necessary for a long-term business relationship. Your customers will eventually feel comfortable enough to contact you when an issue arises.

Specialty Clients

Retirement facilities, vacation rentals and other specialty properties may also have pools and spas. Virtually any body of water with chlorine as its main component should be serviced by professionals. You should take a close look at the region’s demographics in order to pinpoint these specialty customers. You might have a retirement community nearby with a gated perimeter. Work closely with management professionals because they’ll help you secure a relationship with these facilities. Clean pools are required on any property for sanitary reasons alone.

Some service companies specialize with one type of pool maintenance customer, but this strategy limits the work year-round. Be open-minded about both residential and commercial customers so that the entire San Antonio area can have comfortable swimming conditions. Cooling off on a hot Texas day should be a treat for any pool customer.

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